Come join a three-hour workshop about Riso printing!! No experience required.

Saturday October 1st | Full!
Saturday Nov 5 | Full!
spaces open: Saturday Nov 12 | Register now ➜

Classroom (1-2pm)

We discuss the following topics,

  • what makes Risograph duplication different than other printing methods
  • how to prepare artwork for multi-color printing
  • how to use software to perform color separation on photos
  • watch live demonstrations of Riso printing
  • answer your questions!
Person with long hair opening lid of Riso machine to scan original

Hands-On (2-4pm)

  • create up to 50 of your own prints, from your artwork!!
  • use the machine yourself with support and guidance!

The workshop is offered as pay-what-you-can. Suggested donation is $30-40 for the hands-on workshop and classroom. (For classroom only, suggested donation is $10-15.)

Your donation of $30 or more helps fund the workshop and print shop to continue, and covers the cost of materials for you to receive up to 50 of your own prints.

NOTAFLOF – if you can’t afford to pay, you can attend for free.