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Risograph & all-purpose printing in Berkeley

Risograph Printing in Berkeley

Based at the Long Haul library and zine archive, we work with people to meet their printing needs with great skill and style.

Creative Risograph Printing: Zines, booklets, newsletters, and art prints.
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Capable printers of posters, flyers, booklets, and B&W copies at high volume.
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Liberate your words, art, event poster, or whatever it is you have to say – at reasonable rates and without the microplastics of toner!

Serving the California Bay Area and beyond.

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Volunteer-run open hours = Riso access in the Bay!

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Reprographixxx is a not-for-profit project of Long Haul, a radical community center, library & zine archive in Berkeley, CA.

Serving the entire Bay Area with printing services, including: San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond.