Risograph Printing in Berkeley

Based at the Long Haul library and zine archive, we work with people to meet their printing needs with great skill and style, on a not-for-profit basis.

Capable printers of Risograph posters & flyers at mid-volume.
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Creative Printing: Artist and poster printing services.

Liberate your words, art, event poster, or whatever it is you have to say – at reasonable rates and without the microplastics of toner!

Reprographixxx serves the Bay Area and beyond.

Risograph with ruler and page
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Volunteer-run open hours = Riso access in the Bay!

3 Riso ink overprinting color charts

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Reprographixxx is a not-for-profit project of Long Haul, a radical community center, library & zine archive in Berkeley, CA.

Serving the entire Bay Area with printing services, including: San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond. Come on in – we’re near BART!