Riso FYI

Riso printing uses a stencil-based duplication method to crank out lots of pages at a lower cost. You can choose from a variety of colorful Rice Bran Oil inks.

Ink Colors

Black Blue Green
Fluo Pink Red Sunflower

How it Works

Risograph machines create a stencil (sometimes called a master), which will be repeatedly inked and rolled over a page.

Diagram showing paper passing under Riso drum

Designing for Riso

NEW! Instantly preview Riso prints & ink colors in our online Instant Proof tool

Design Concepts

To prepare artwork for multi-color Riso printing, you will need to provide a file for each color. You can either print your entire document in one color, like this:

or you can overlap multiple colors, like this:

Multi color posters

With proper artwork setup, you can do overprinting, where you print multiple colors over each other to achieve different colors or even an image.

Our Riso RZ990 is digital! You can print directly from our workstation PC at 600dpi quality.


You can print up to 11×17 paper!

Reams of various paper in shelves
Assorted papers change all the time!

Our standard paper includes:

  • Standard 20# office copy paper (letter, legal, and tabloid)
  • Higher-quality 60-70# text, recommended for multi-color or 2-sided jobs (letter and tabloid)
  • A rotating variety of colors, cardstock, etc.

If you want to know if we have a particular paper please just send an email.

Doing a large volume or have specific needs? We can order custom paper by the ream or carton.

Other Resources

You can also access the following at the Reprographixxx Print Room:

  • Professional-grade imposition software for desktop publishing of books & zines
  • Folding machine for brochures, etc.
  • Collator machine (10-bin)
  • Bookletmaker, saddle-stitch (staple) and fold up to 11×17 sheets.