Intro to Riso Printing Workshop

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Come join a three-hour workshop about Riso printing!! No experience required.

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Intro to Riso Printing | 12/9 | full!

Workshop Format

Classroom (1-2pm)

We discuss the following topics,

  • how color is printed, and what makes Risograph different than other printing methods
  • how to think in “spot color”
  • basics of preparing artwork for multi-color printing
  • answer your questions!
Collage art on a light table

Hands-On Collaboration & Printing (2-4pm)

  • make and Riso print a collage!
  • create prints of several workshop participants’ artwork, from digital or hard copy. (if you want to bring your artwork – see below)
  • use the machine yourself with support and guidance.

Current COVID policy: Masks are required during the workshop.


  • Suggested donation of $20-30 for the classroom & hands-on group activities. Pay-what-you-can.
  • Suggested donation of $45 (sliding scale $30-60) to print your own artwork
  • Nobody turned away for lack of funds! – if you can’t afford to pay, you can attend for free.

Bring your own artwork:

Slots are limited – you must specifically sign up during registration.

Includes about 30 copies, of a single 1 or 2 color print. For 11×17″ prints, you can receive about 15-20 copies.

View paper choices.

We created this print room because we could not afford the price of commercial printing. The project runs on a shoestring budget. If you can afford to pay more, please do. If you don’t have the money, please don’t be shy about showing up empty handed.

Paying suggested amounts helps fund the workshop and print shop to continue, and covers the cost of materials for you to receive spectacular take-home prints.