Free Ink Day 2023

Free Ink Day 2023 poster

Join us on Saturday July 22, 2023 for a “FREE INK DAY” of free anti-capitalist poster printing and other activities at Long Haul Infoshop.

Come celebrate the radical legacy of the infoshop and meet others who are fed up with the system!

Featuring… fun print-making and all-ages activities (Riso, screen printing, bookmark drawing).

LOTS of FREE posters to take home or share around. And some light snacks and drinks.

ALL 100% FREE!!!! What else could you possibly want? (bring it.)

DO you want to PRINT something?

This is a chance to print fast and dirty on a thin paper suitable for wheatpasting. We will not be doing complex multi-color or tight-registration Riso prints.

Just come by, and you can use supplies to collage, use our Letraset transfer lettering to create old-school headlines, and draw whatever the hell you want.

If you have a digital design, please email it as a **PDF ONLY** to baygraphix [at] ahead of time. First-come first served!

The paper dimensions are 8.5×14″ (legal size). The free ink colors of the day are TEAL and PURPLE!

Teal Purple

Wheelchair accessible
Saturday July 22, 2023
1 – 7 PM
3124 Shattuck Avenue (just 3 blocks east of Ashby BART)