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not-for-profit Risograph print room in Berkeley

Lots of prints and vibrant colors

The purpose of the Reprographixxx Print Room is to provide low-cost printing on a not-for-profit basis; so people and groups in the community can access printing without profit-making or environmentally dubious printing methods.

Located inside Long Haul infoshop

Our print room is staffed by people experienced with the Risograph. Come meet us – we would love to learn about your project. We hold monthly WORKSHOPS where you can learn how to use the machine!

How does it work?? Risograph duplicators use a stencil process to crank out many copies of the same page at low cost, in a much more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable way than traditional toner-based photocopiers. The ink is based on Rice Bran Oil (rather than the #1 ingredient being petroleum).

Liberate your words, art, event poster, or whatever it is you have to say – at reasonable rates and without the microplastics of toner!

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Located inside
Long Haul Infoshop
3124 Shattuck Av
Berkeley CA 94705

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Printed schedule of radio shows in black and sunflower

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Printing can be a tool to educate and organize, but done commercially it sometimes means supporting deforestation (dumped paper from stolen land logging), fossil fuel-based inks – not to mention spending lots of money!! The Reprographixxx Print Room is a solution so you can afford to print your stuff with non-toxic inks. It’s DIY style. Come check it out

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