Digital Color/Layout/Process Workshop

This workshop is intended for those who want to know how to skillfully design digital artwork for Riso. We will cover several methods with in-depth tutorials!

Design Techniques

  • Photo color separation using Photoshop or Spectrolite
  • Multi-color design using layers in Adobe Illustrator
  • Multi-color, multi-page layout in Adobe InDesign
Screenshot of 3-color print preview of a bus

Pre-Press Skills (using Reprographixxx computers):

  • Imposition of a short zine
  • Extracting spot color plates from a single PDF file

Discuss Common Finishing Options

  • How to collate multi-sheet zines and booklets 🤔
  • Trim-to-bleed

Next workshop:

Unlike our “Intro to Riso” workshop, this class does NOT involve any printing. It is recommended for those curious to know more about the design process for Riso (and other printing methods such as screenprinting and offset.)

1970s BART and bus map
1970s offset printed BART map

We will get hands-on with some unusual items from the Long Haul and Reprographixxx archives! Such as color charts, local maps, transfer lettering, and more 🙂

This workshop is offered as sliding scale from Free-$40. The suggested standard donation is $30.

Since there are no direct costs associated with running this workshop, it’s PaY WhAt YoU CaN. We have MANY indirect expenses such as rent, software licenses, and buying interesting educational materials for the workshop.

Donation of $30+ = free mini notebook

NOTAFLOF – If you can’t afford to pay anything, that’s ok. There is no pressure, no collections agent, no weird social dynamics. Just come and dont’ pay.

  • In-person workshop at 3124 Shattuck Avenue (wheelchair accessible)
  • FYI – Masks are still required at workshops!!